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Raw material

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate with a slight touch of other minerals, mainly magnesium. Most limestone is biochemical origin, meaning they are caused by deposition of marine shellfish. Limestone can be chemical in origin also such as is the case with Travertit. Because of the high percentage of calcium, limestone is generally light in color but there are many variations.

Limestone from our quarry has a high percentage of calcium carbonate, more than 98% and a large index of whiteness compared to magnesium oxide-MgO.

Excavation and processing of the limestone takes place in several stages:
• overburden removal
• mining - in blocks or loose depending on the method of processing,
  the stone structure, depth and hardness
• separation
• crushing
• transport
• storage
• final processing

Quarry in Kučevo is equipped with the most modern machinery for the extraction and transportation such as: Brown Lenox jaw crusher, excavator Hyundai 290 LC-7A, loaders Hyundai HL760, MAN tipper trucks and other necessary equipment.