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one of the leading companies in the mining industry regarding the exploitation and processing of calcium carbonate

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About us

ABM INTERNATIONAL is engaged in processing and grinding of natural calcium carbonate obtained from its own quarry and offers a wide selection of products which are used in various industries, primarily in the paint industry, plastics, paper, food processing and construction.

Calcium carbonate is used in various branches of industry, giving products the resistance, pigment properties, hardness, viscosity, mechanical properties, nutritional value and more.

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Raw material

High-quality raw material is obtained from our own quarry in the region of Kučevo, located in north-eastern Serbia, 150 km from Belgrade.
Limestone from this quarry has a high percentage of calcium carbonate, more then 98% and the high index of whiteness compared with magnesium oxide-MgO.


Dynamic management of the company has created a strong bond of mutual understanding between management, employees, and customers through customized products that our company produces.

Our mission

Striving to maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity in business.

Our goals

ABM International strives to serve its customers through quality products and actively participate in the improvement of the market.