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About us

ABM International – Serbia, is one of the leading companies in the mining industry regarding exploitation and processing calcium carbonate that occurs in the most advanced equipped facility in the Kucevo region near Pozarevac placed in the northern east part of Serbia. ABM International company’s main activity is milling and processing ground calcium carbonate (GCC) obtained from own quarry with mining licence and prospecting rights, near 40 million tons providing vast numbers of products which applies in painting industry, plastics, paper production, food and building industry. Calcium carbonate which is used in various industries, gives to those products resistance, the pigment properties, strength, viscosity, mechanical properties, nutritional value and other.

ABM International has been operating since 2001 with headquarters in Belgrade. In addition, it distribute products from distribution center in Palic. We employ 38 people, who are on a full-time basis, and if necessary, employs seasonal workers in a period of intense exploitation.

To ensure long-term success, the impact on the environment must be kept to a minimum and contribute to the quality of life in the local community. In the long term we are constantly dedicated to the fulfillment of these objectives. Given the growing number of sustainability challenges, we focus on issues that are priorities for our business:
• Management of natural resources
• Packaging & recycling
• Occupational health
• Engaging suppliers
• The well-being of the local community

For each of these issues, we set goals, monitoring and measuring progress made equally rigorously as in other segments of its business with the desire to maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity in business. ABM International strives to serve its customers through quality products and flexibility to respond to the demands of its business partners. Dynamic management of the company has created a strong bond of mutual understanding between management, employees and customers of the customized products that our company produces.